Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Walt Disney World Characters & a 6 month old

Oh the number of pictures I could post from this past trip - I am sure you will continue to see the pictures for who knows how long, we had such a marvelous trip, I continue to soak it all up. One aspect that Lucy LOVED was the characters - they were so marvelous at interacting with her at six months old. Several even allowed her to chew on their noses.
My suggestion for the characters and a six month old is don't push it or over do it. I was a little nervous as to how Lucy would respond, she hadn't ever seen oversized characters, particularly since they moved and talked (Mickey at townhall as well as the non masked characters) and interacted with her. She also didn't even really know these characters - a few she has seen in books but so far she hasn't watched any tv so these guys were all foreign to her. But she LOVED them so we did take her to meet quite a few of them (there were very small lines).
We also accepted the fact that some of the characters Lucy would be asleep for - we have quite a few photos of Lucy asleep in the Tula or in the stroller and that was just fine. There was no WAY I was going to wake her just to take photos with the different characters. One thing we did find out was that - we had a fast pass for the town hall Mickey Mouse and Lucy was napping in the Tula and we were able to go and talk to the cast members and they were able to move our fast pass so we could come back when she was awake. THANKFUL for fabulous Disney cast members.

Tinkerbell played with Lucy for a LONG time and
as you can tell LUCY LOVED interacting with Tinkerbell
Lucy will never remember these days,
but they will live on in my memory and in photos on our wall

Do you like to visit the characters in Disney? 
Who is your favorite Disney character?

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