Thursday, February 26, 2015

February Training Update


  • Running

    • My trip to Florida reminded me how much I LOVE running outside and how much I HATE the treadmill, however, given the weather and current temps here in northern Minnesota the treadmill and I attempt to stay on speaking terms
    • I have managed to get in several good and long runs which massively feels good (while every quarter mile on the treadmill takes some convincing it is beautiful when I am done)

  • Biking
    • For Valentine's day Marc got me a sweet bike computer thingy (technical terms here) anyways it has TOTALLY helped with my bike training
      • Cateye Strada 410 Digital Wireless Computer - the perks of this one over my old one is that it actually goes on the back tire which allows me to know speed and distance while riding on the bike trainer in our basement -the other perk of this one is that it does have a heart rate monitor as well as a cadence monitor so that I know if I am pedaling at an even pace or something all over the board.
  • Swimming
    • With all of the travel this past month my swims have been a little sporadic however, I did manage at least one good swim a week
    • I wish I could convince myself to go swim over my lunch hour but I HATE smelling like chlorine and the way that the smell stays in my hair even with a good washing

  • Nutrition

    • I have massively been focusing on keeping the amount of sugar I eat under control - I hate to admit or think about how much sugar I was consuming
    • Marc & I have also really gotten into drinking "Green Smoothies" with Spinach, greek yogurt, & whatever fruit we have in the house

How do you feel about winter training?
Any feelings about the treadmill?

I am already dreaming about spring and warm temps and outside runs!

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