Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quick Turn Around

Tomorrow before the crack of dawn, Lucy and I (along with several colleagues from work) will board a plane headed to Detroit (okay actually Minneapolis and then Detroit). A few differences on this trip I am taking our stroller that the carseat clips into because we will be in and out of taxis and other modes of transportation and we will be in the hotel a ton. This time rather than flying out of Minneapolis (2.5 hour drive) we get to fly directly our of Brainerd (REJOICE - which means security lines and things will be minimal at best). I am also bringing along our Beco baby carrier as well because sometimes Lucy just needs to be worn (and she naps ridiculously well in the soft structured carrier).

Because the nature of this trip being for work for me it feels soooo much different than the trip to WDW, the conference is in the hotel we are staying in which makes running back to the room WAY easier than at WDW where I have to take a bus/shuttle to get back to our room. This trip I also will need to attend some seminars, but I think Lucy should be fairly easy to entertain. {Thankful this is a very kid friendly event, lots of people will have little kids along}

I THINK I am going to attempt to only use a carry on bag. I am a little nervous due to the number of diapers Lucy may need (We don't own enough cloth diapers to be able to go Thursday to Monday night without doing laundry). But I don't want to have to lug a huge suitcase. I think I am going to go with a small rolling suitcase as well as a diaper bag.

We have our own hotel room which will be nice so I don't have to stress about waking up others in our room when Lucy gets up early in the morning and in the middle of the night.

Lucy flew RIDICULOUSLY well on the way to and from Orlando, so here's hoping (& TONS of praying) that she does that well again. She seriously slept most of both of those flights and when she was awake she was HAPPY as all get out (THANKS be to God).

Sooooo here goes nothing - off to fly again tomorrow morning.
I suppose I should start packing ;)

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