Wednesday, January 7, 2015

{2014 Photobook}

On my list of goals was to get my 2014 photobook done within the first week of 2015!
Sometimes these goals seem ridiculous and far fetched however, I seriously couldn't be more excited to have gotten it done while Shutterfly was having their great sales.

I am NOT a scrapbooker nor do I have the patience to become one, or the supplies, or the the attention to detail to make that happen. I do however love shutterfly because it requires no supplies, I don't print unnecessary pictures, I don't have to have stickers, and I can work for five minutes or five hours.

Click here to view this photo book larger
Turn your favorite photos into a photo book at

Do you scrapbook?
Do you make photobooks?
What do you do with your photos after you take them?


  1. You go girl! I have all of my photos uploaded, I just have started assembling it yet. You give me hope! :)

  2. I have made two scrapbooks in my life and I have loved how both of them turned out. One is of my older sister's pregnancy and the very early life of her firstborn. The second is, basically, my feel-good file regarding work. That one sits on our entertainment center.