Monday, December 1, 2014


This Thanksgiving we travelled to Wisconsin to be with my husband, Marc's family. Before we could go to Wisconsin I had to work on Wednesday night at our Thanksgiving Eve service. It went fine - we didn't get on the road until 8:30pm which was the downfall. This picture is a picture of Marc, Lucy, and I with the church we were at's lectern - I just found it to be completely unique and unlike any I had seen before - soooo naturally we took a few pictures with it - because who wouldn't?!

After we left Brainerd, we headed down to my brother's house in St. Paul in hopes of cutting our drive a bit the next morning. We arrived late (10:30pm) and left early (6:00am) but Lucy was jazzed to get to see her Uncle Cubby and his crazy pup Nala. They got in some snuggles and we all stayed up late to chat for a bit.

Please note two years ago when we went to Wisconsin we literally took one duffle bag that we shared, two sleeping bags, and two thermarests. Oh how Lucy has changed the game. Also those two boxes up on the right hand side were the precious cargo (the cutout cookies).

While in Wisconsin Lucy got to meet lots of cousins, second cousins, great aunts and uncles, and got to snuggle great grandparents and grandparents alike. She did so incredibly well being passed around from person to person. I wasn't one hundred percent certain how she'd do. The only problem that she really had was that it was HOT in the house with the oven going, the stove going, and 25 bodies in the house - plus she was constantly being held. At one point I stripped her down to just her onesie because she was so warm.

While we were at Marc's Grandparent's house we were able to capture a four generation picture. We have one of me with my dad and his parents and now we also have one with Marc's side of the family. Such special people in Lucy's life.

Great Grandma and Lucy got in some good snuggles - we stayed at their house and so after lots of people had left Great-Grandma declared it her turn to snuggle and they spent a couple hours just like this and she wouldn't let any one else take Lucy from her. It was sweet.

One of Lucy's cousins is roughly three months younger than her and Sutton easily weighs more than she does.  It was a little funny to hold Sutton after holding Lucy. We missed a photo with all of the second cousins but here is three of them. Lucy, Stella & Sutton.

Also on Friday we had the GREAT FROST of 2014. We had about 18 people helping to frost the cookies. We had everyone in the kitchen frosting and then Grandpa Jack was in the basement organizing the cookies onto tables so that they could dry. We used just about 24 POUNDS of frosting. In the end we ended up with 1,399 cookies frosted. I know that there were many that went to what we refer to as "quality control" and were slathered with frosting and consumed before they got downstairs. I laughed that we were one shy of 1,400. Sooooooooooo many cookies. Grandma Gayle will eventually split them up and all the families will get some.

After the Great Frost of 2014 we headed down to Marc's mom's apartment between Milwaukee and Madison. Marc's brother Jon and his girlfriend Holly came over for dinner. We set up her Christmas tree for her as well as hung some pictures around her apartment and hung out for a while. We stayed until Saturday morning and then we hit the road.

In all reality Lucy did REALLY well in the car, really we stopped every couple hours to let her stretch, changed her diaper, and feed her. She would throw a fit for about fifteen minutes and eventually give in and go back to sleep and we would cover some good ground. We made it back to town with just barely enough time to pick up Dakota from the kennel. The drive from the kennel to our house was HORRIBLE - Dakota was jazzed to see us all and crazy and Lucy was OVER the carseat 100% but we just had to press through (20ish minutes) and get to our house. LONGEST 20 minutes ever.

Overall the trip was wonderful. Fun to see family and introduce Lucy to everyone. So much to be thankful for.

How was your Thanksgiving?


  1. It looks like you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! And those cookies. Oh my word!

    Such a small world. I live in WI & my parent's neighbors {who I lived next too until I got married & my parents still live across from them}, have family in Brainerd. The wife is actually from there or close to it. How crazy is that?!

  2. OH My! That is crazy small world!

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend my friend. Lucy is growing so much. I cannot wait until I get to meet her and cuddle her too!!! :)