Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Crocheted hats

   My library on Ravelry is longer than I can imagine. While I was in the hospital with Lucy and on bedrest before her arrival I had my Ipad and I apparently put a TON of patterns in my ravelry library and in my ravelry que (thankfully 99% of those patterns are free) and I have a mission to test out some of these ridiculously cute hats. I must admit that I have my go to hats, the ones that I ALWAYS make, because I love that I can almost do them from memory, I know that they will turn out (as long as I don't pick ridiculous colors), and can whip through the patterns quickly. However, I want to expand my repertoire and improve my crochet skills this winter. One of the arenas that I really am not all that good at nor do I really even like to dabble in is putting things on hats (I like when the design is built into the hat so I don't have to attach copious amounts of extra stuff) - soooo I am forcing myself to work on this. I saw that I had put this adorable hat Minnie Mouse Hat in my library from Repeat Crafter Me. My only problem was that I really like having ear flaps on hats for Lucy, so I combined the Minnie Mouse hat with the pattern for the Penguin that I also had in my library (fear not at some point this penguin will be made as well) and I knew I had something going for me.
    I like the way this hat turned out, I have a few things I would probably do differently next time, minor tweaks, like not mixing all the yarn colors on the strings but rather making each strand of the braid one color. I wish I had left myself slightly longer strings to attach the polka dots on the hat at the bottom. Live, learn, and stand corrected next time. I made this hat in the 3 to 6 months size in the hopes that it will fit my 4 month old soonish - she is now just popping out of the preemie sized hat I had made her. She does have a newborn size hat that we leave at daycare all of the time (because I don't want to be the parent who consistently forgets to send a hat to daycare with my kid - plus it gives me an excuse to have two hats for her).  I have a plan to make a bunch of hats this winter using a wide variety of patterns which excites me and makes me a little nervous, however, here goes nothing. I am going to get all these little balls of scrap yarn used up so I can buy new and start fresh (there is something glorious about that in my mind).
Next up, I think will be a ladybug hat.
I am sure you will get copious amounts of pictures of hats and crochetedness (I am sure that is a word - I am at least going to call it one) on the blog this winter. 

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