Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Reclaimed Rocker

This past weekend (during the monsoons of northern Minnesota - okay so it wasn't really monsooning however, it was raining a ton and there is only so much one can do inside before one goes nuts) Marc and I finally reclaimed this old rocker. Several weeks ago (right after Easter) my mom and a dear friend and I were walking through a local thrift store and we found this chair. Both of them instantly knew it would be perfect if we cleaned it up and replaced the cushion/base to it. So we bought it and brought it home.

Marc was skeptical at best at first. After a good polish with Murphy's oil soap the chair portion itself was looking pretty good. We tightened some screws, moved two screws whose holes had become stripped and were no longer serving their purpose and the chair itself was golden. The bottom of it however, had seen better days.

I disassembled the base and realized that even the wood under the chair had been beaten up, so we got some new wood and recut the base. Took off the old foam (which was pretty beaten up and thin) - replaced it, and bought some new fabric. Probably WAYYYYY too many staples later the chair looked good as new.

I am jazzed with how the chair turned out - it is a beautiful piece of furniture that I all too quickly wanted to overlook.

How do you feel about thrift store finds?
Do you like to replace/refinish/fix up old things and make them look new?

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  1. At times, I skip the thrift store and find stuff out for the trash that turn into a fun project :)