Sunday, June 8, 2014


Holy Cats Batman. It has been a year since we got married. (This will be the last of my monthly updates as a Mrs. and am hoping to move to every six months or so, we'll see how that develops, for sure every year there will be an update) I think I am still in shock that we have been married a year. A TON has happened in that year and it has indeed been a wonderful year, I won't complain. It is surreal to think that we are crossing the one year mark.

The Wonderful Things:
  • We made it married a year - onto year 2
    • we have successfully surpassed thousands of couples who don't make it through the first year - although that isn't much
    • and it was a WONDERFUL year as well
  • We bought our first house together
    • on that same note we survived selling a house - house showings suck and that they want to come in at any given minute with less than idea notice that they are coming - however - despite the stress our house sold
    • we moved on what has been labeled as officially the coldest day of this past winter
      • don't move on the coldest day of the winter - it sucks! Thank God for friends who where willing to be bought off with some pizza
    • we LOVE our new house - we love backing up to one of Minnesota state parks - now if only we didn't have to bath in mosquito spray to enjoy it this time of year
  • We have a great routine for the most part - thank God for a ridiculously flexible husband who is really good at communication - my schedule is ALL over the board and he does well dealing with chaos and be being here and there an a little bit of everywhere
  • Dakota has Marc and I wrapped around her little paw - it is funny to watch Marc and Dakota together - I imagine with a baby this will only be better
    • seriously, I LOVE having chickens
  • Due to baby on the way our basement is WAYYYY more finished than we anticipated it being this time of year - we need a guest room - our family is too far away to not have at least one guest room
The Things No One Ever Tells You About:
  • I am still getting used to cooking for two
    • Marc eats way more than I ever anticipate - it just takes some adjusting 
  • House projects sometimes suck the life out of you
    • we did really well working on house projects - however, sometimes they suck the life out of ya when ya just want them done
    • thankfully this year we learned to set small goals and if we reach them just to chill and take the night off - it will get done at some point
  • Laundry is doubled - yes, this too is obvious - but until I was doing laundry for two I didn't realize how much it was - thankfully I have finally fallen into a routine that seems to be working for us
    • just to complicate it - let's throw in a third person this year with a third set of dirty laundry - bring on the baby
  • sometimes I feel bad for Marc being married to a pastor - it has a life of it's own - he does REALLY well with it though - however, I am sure there are moments he'd trade it 
The Miscellaneous Things:
  • We are still a little freaked out that we will become parents in our second year of marriage - ahhhhh - so much transition coming soon
    • yes, we are totally jazzed and can't wait but still slightly freaked out
    • Thank God for our amazing friends and family who are along this journey with us
  • We still don't love that both of our families are a solid six hours in either direction from us which makes visiting family hard

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