Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ten Months as a MRS

I just realized I missed our 9th month update. Life was nuts.

The Wonderful Things:
  • We have gotten some spring days! but they are few and far between.
  • My husband brought home two movies this past month for me (which we NEVER, or rarely hardly ever buy movies, mostly because we Netflix 99% of our movies or borrow from friends) and he got me the new Hunger Games movie and Frozen (LOVE THEM BOTH)
  • We are making some serious progress on the basement. We insulated the basement ourselves and we don't hate each other like everyone told us we would. I would dare to say we even had fun doing it. We like doing projects that are within our abilities, we know when to call in a professional. We aren't above hiring someone else to do pieces of it.
  • We went to Chanhassen Dinner Theater's version of The Little Mermaid, soooo wonderful
  • We both had birthdays (Marc's is 4/3 and mine is 4/5)
  • Our chickens have been shipped and should arrive tomorrow or Thursday - you have been warned that there will be a chick explosion on my page
  • Marc has really gotten into woodworking/building things (he built our chicken coop) and it has been really fun to watch his skills develop and some of the fun stuff that he has built 
    • once the weather gets nice and he can be out in the garage a little bit more I imagine he will be even more happy to be out there and it will be more fun to hang out there with him, I don't love hanging out in the cold 
The Things No One Ever Tells You About:
  • It is hard to make decisions about how you are going to finish off your basement. Certain things I just don't know what to choose (yes, I know, first world problems) 
    • which tub/shower to pick shouldn't be this hard
    • which color of off white you want your primer to be really doesn't matter
  • When boys are sick the world ends (I know I have had this one before, but seriously)
    • I know being sick sucks and actually he did much better this time than before but still when boys get sick the world ends
  • How amazingly wonderful it is when for a few hours you are totally caught up on all of your laundry, washed, dried, folded, and put away
    • really I just feel wonderful whenever my house is totally clean
    • Marc really is pretty good at helping with keeping our house clean 
      • he really really really likes to vacuum, seriously, and takes it upon himself to vacuum up golden retriever about every other day - I will happily scrub the bathrooms to not have to do golden retriever every other day
The Miscellaneous Things:
  • I still wish my family lived closer
  • I am jazzed our basement is coming together, it will be AWESOME when it is finished.
  • I am excited for Easter
  • The camp I help to co-manage almost has a full summer calendar and that makes my heart happy because now we don't have to fret about meeting budget and what not

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