Friday, April 18, 2014

Honeymoon Shutterfly Book


It has seriously been one of my goals this year to get completely caught up on my shutterfly books AND stay caught up. It has taken me a few months to make this happen, but I am ALMOST there. I have my 2014 one going which is ALMOST up to date (read - a month or so behind but doable to catch back up), my only one now that I have left to do is our wedding one. For some reason (we have a bunch of photos that I just don't want to sort through) I have been lacking the motivation to get that one done. But I fear the longer I let it go without doing it the less motivation I am going to have to actually get it done. Soooo I have committed to getting it done in May - by the end of May I WILL have our wedding photobook done. June is dedicated to getting our 2014 album caught back up and then my goal is to just stay on top of it. Getting behind stinks.

What do you do with all of your digital photos?
Do you have a preferred way of printing them/scrapbooking them?

I am jealous of those people who actually create big and real scrapbooks and spend hours doing it. I know for me it is shutterfly or nothing. I don't want to own all the stuff to create big books. The other thing I really like is how thin shutterfly books are which makes them SUPER easy to put on my book shelves and tons of them fit.

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