Thursday, February 13, 2014

Goodbye Beloved Gladys

My beloved Gladys, is my Macbook Pro that I got as a sophomore in college (Thanks Mom and Dad - it was a great purchase), mind you I have since graduated from college and a 4 year Masters program, and am now in year 3 of my job. Sooooo as you can clearly do the math - it is time for a new computer. Blah. Seriously. I LOVE Gladys.

What's that - you don't name your computers?! I had to. During all of my years in school Gladys was my constant companion, we spent copious amounts of time in the library together, we edited thousands of photos together, we listened to countless hours of music, we wrote emails, navigated the world of Facebook, and together we discovered Pinterest.

She has been wonderful. I love her.
I am still attempting to revive her, mostly because I want to get my music off of her, I (THANKFULLY) have all of my photos backed up online (Thanks Shutterfly), and there are a handful of documents I would like to retrieve, my undergrad and graduate thesis (however, I have the hard copies, I would love the electronic copies), I also have a few crochet patterns and recipes on there.
Dear Gladys, please start up one last time.

Now, I am off to drool at new Macbooks and look at our budget to make sure I have cash there to order one.

What kind of a computer do you use?
Are you loyal to any particular brand?
Has your computer ever crashed and you couldn't get everything off?


  1. I like having a desk top (mothership) but now I thoroughly enjoy having a tablet. I've never bought into the hype of Mac products. I get more bang for my buck on windows and more people are familiar with them when things need repairs or upgrades. Both will get you from point A to point B. But how important is it to get there in a Toyota Camry vs. a Lexus?

    I had a hard drive bite the big one in my senior year of college with most of my portfolio work on it. I had a tendency of saving work on my desktop instead of in the doc folders. Well, that was the only place they were able to recover 26 gigs of work.

  2. I use a Toshiba that runs Microsoft something or other. I got it when my old Dell died in January 2011, taking all my stuff with it. I couldn't recover ANYTHING, which majorly bummed me out. Sometimes I still think about the documents, photos, and music I lost. Thankfully, most of my important pics were already on FB or elsewhere. But, I still had to grieve (sounds goofy, but I think legit).

  3. Ohh no!! I'm so scared my Macs will die one day. I still prefer them a million times over a PC though. I don't think I'd ever be able to go back to a PC. I was so against Mac when I first met my husband, but they're worlds ahead of anything else I've ever used.