Thursday, October 31, 2013

October photo dump

Ahhhhh - Where has October gone?! I cannot believe it is time for October's photo dump and I have fallen off the blogging horse for several weeks (SORRY). Life has been nuts. However with this month's photo dump you will be caught back up pretty quickly:
Grandpa's 85th Birthday party
Some of the Thomson Women with Grandpa

Warrior Day of Service prep
300 Junior High & Senior High youth
doing service projects around our area on
an early out day

why wouldn't we let the baby play on the pool
table while we prepped Warrior Day of Service?!
Crocheted some cute hats for
my favorite twins
Warrior day of Service
Beautiful Choas

Trip to Minneapolis with my family
Dinner with my parents

A very entertaining evening with:
Brother, Husband, Dad, & Cousin
Oh. The. Stories.
Lobster grilled cheese with an egg on top

Magic Bands Arrived

Winterizing Camp
This is what we call putting all our eggs in one basket
Dear Mice, STAY OUT of our new mattresses.
A beautiful fall day horse back riding with a member from church
I LOVE instagram (follow me: sathomson)

Gross rainy day 10K in Fargo
sorry about the blurry pic but it is all we got
NO MEDAL :( we got a hockey puck
How am I suppose to hang that on my wall?
Many a good walk and run at the Arb
BEAUTIFUL fall trees with berries

I was looking threw the abstract of title of the house
and this is the first entry. It was originally built in 1870
We live (until mid November) in a piece of history
One of the church ladies is afraid I will have cold toes this winter
so she made me a pair of slippers
My husband this morning
He is dressed as the dude from Texas Chainsaw Massacre
I did his makeup and was pretty proud of it

How was your October? 
Did I miss anything in your world?
Tell me something ridiculously random.


  1. Yay!! You updated your blog! Love all the pics!

  2. Glad you had a great month! Love the hats for your nephews, great job!