Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Four: Things I Learned Outside of School

For the next few Tuesdays I am linking up with Lauren at Life. Love. Lauren and Tiffany at The Austin Family Diary for their Tuesday Topics. This week's topic is "Four: Things I learned outside of school."

One: There is good in everyone and you have something to learn from everyone. I fully believe this- everyone from birth to death has some good inside of them and there is something I can learn from them.
Two: The value of family, friends, and a golden retriever. I can't imagine life without my family and friends, they seriously mean the world to me. Life with a golden retriever is fabulous - yes, she drives me nuts sometimes however - she lights up my world. Family, friends, and my sweet puppy make my world, I am thankful for the ways in which I have been blessed by their presence in my life.
Three: The joy of being outside: camping, running, biking, relaxing in a hammock, paddling, skiing, snowshoeing, etc. I can't imagine life without my opportunities to be outside, the chance to step back and away from the chaos of the world and to just be.
Four: The importance of saying "no." The world is full of amazing opportunities and experiences and over and over again in school I was reminded how important it was to do EVERYTHING or so it felt like. Over the years I have learned the importance of saying "no" yes, I am sure I have missed out on some great experiences, but I also have gotten some outstanding opportunities because I wasn't booked from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed. I have learned what it means to sit in silence and watch the sunset over the lake as the loons fish and my puppy snuggles in next to me.

Life. Love.Lauren


  1. Great list! Yes, it is amazing how much good there is in the world. And without no, we wouldn't get the full enjoyment and meaning of YES!

    Visiting from Tuesday Topics!


  2. Great list! And I especially like the one about learning to say "no"! It can be a hard to learn, but is so rewarding when you finally get to being able to say no without feeling guilty!

    Stopping by from Tuesday Topics!

  3. I can definitely relate to each of your choices. There is good in everyone and we all need to remember that.

  4. Learning how to say no has been a hard one for me, but I am slowly learning that!