Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Camp Hiawatha

I got to relive a bit of my past of sorts - this month I got to spend a day serving as a camp counselor again. One of the camp staff died in a car accident (seriously, awful, and prayers ascending for the staff and this young woman's family) and the staff wanted to be able to gather at their other site (the camp is a two sited camp - located a couple hours apart) - sooooo their leadership called in, what we have dubbed ourselves as,  "The Replacements." We were a mis-mashed group of old camp staff, youth directors, and people who work with kids full time. Some of us knew each others, others entered as strangers, some were camp staff at another camp that volunteered to lend a hand. It was an interesting mix.
The current staff left us with a group of 2-5th graders. It was entertaining, we played games, roasted hot dogs, made s'mores, swam, and had campfire worship. By the end of worship we knew we had won - the kids were exhausted (as were we) and no one got hurt. PERFECT.
Here are some pictures from my day at camp - mostly they are pictures of my friends and I - I don't like to post pictures of other people's kids who I don't know.

Linnea and I


Linnea and a woof


hot dogs and fire

Have you ever served as summer staff at a camp?
Did you attend camp as a kid?
Do you ever volunteer at a camp?

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  1. Camp is living life together: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the magnificent. Camp reveals more about who we are and who our Creator is as it creates this overwhelming community where life isn't always perfect, but focusing on the Author and Perfecter of our faith puts it all into perspective. Plus, who wouldn't love a place where it is okay to be completely zany and goofy and not be judged as the "weird kid" (no matter your age)?