Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wedding Day

Let's be honest here, I am not actually posting this today, I have it set as a delayed post, I am certain that keeping up with this is not on my to-do list or even relatively close to my priority. However being slightly OCD I have mastered the "schedule post" setting on here and have managed to schedule one to be posted today (because I can, not because I actually think I will have anything that riveting to say). And I am totally random and think it is fun to think there is a post going up on the morning of my wedding.

First off I can't believe today is actually here! Seriously!

Anyways. Today's schedule for me is:
9:00 am - Hair appointment
1:00 pm- Pictures begin
3:30 pm -Wedding
4:30 pm - Pictures at the Arb
5:30 pm - Reception

I couldn't be more excited, when we got engaged last summer June seemed like forever away, seriously, however here is not only June but June 8, it's go time, time to get married.

For those of you who know my love of Disney you will appreciate this. So down the back of my dress, there are a TON of buttons and every third button has a cluster of beads in a particular design. While all of the bead clusters are fun and what not, my mom had the lady while doing my alterations switch out the last bead cluster for this, a hidden Mickey. Mom knew my love of finding hidden Mickeys while at Disney World and Disneyland and thought it would be fun to hide one on my dress. In all reality 99% of the people will never even notice it, but I LOVE IT! It is the very last bead cluster at the bottom of my train. Ridiculously fun for sure.

I will at some point post more pictures of today but for now - you get a glimpse at my hidden Mickey.

Did you have any Disney shout-outs at your wedding?
Did you have anything a little silly that you were excited about that didn't matter to most people?


  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE it!! Such a neat little touch..I definteily appreciate it! :0) I had a lot of "hidden Mickeys" throughout the wedding and reception...cause I HAD to! I pray today is everything you've always dreamed of! Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. We danced out of the chapel to Chicago's "Im so happy" I always heard this song on Mr. G's ipod in the car while dating and this was quite the right time to use it! Enjoy being married to the man God has brought into your life and all the fun new things you'll giggle about that you can do :)

  3. I didn't have any shout-outs to Disney, but one of my BFFs from high school walked down the aisle to "A Whole New World." It was sweet.

    You and Marc's wedding day was so awesome. I hope you have a GREAT honeymoon!