Monday, June 17, 2013

Name Change

Alright, I have gotten several comments/questions on what I decided to do with my name. Seriously, this decision was hard from me, I went back and forth, and I thought I had something decided and then something brought be back to square one. It seemed for several months I went around and around and around on what to do and the question on what I am going to do with my name kept coming up time and time again as I ran. I debated and debated, I hemmed and I hawed, I wrestled and wrestled, and eventually it became time to apply for a marriage license and I HAD to make a decision. I seriously even put off applying to get our marriage license because I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I was stressed out over this decision.

There are things on both sides of the issue and valid things on both sides of the issue at that, which didn't help. Soooo it complicated things. I hated making this decision. Marc, was fine with whatever I decided, he said he'd love for me to take his last name AND he simultaneously said he understood why I didn't want to change my name and said he'd support me 110% either way.

I talked to people who had changed their name who were passionate that I should change my name. I talked to people who had kept their name and were passionate that I should keep me name. I talked repeatedly with God about it and repeatedly asked for signs of what to do or even a skywriter. I talked with many a folk who I consider wise counsel and heard people passionate on both sides of the argument. The decision was mine and mine alone.

In the end I ended up with a mixed solution. I wasn't totally willing to drop my last name, I like it, AND there was a piece of me that wanted to take Marc's last name for a number of reasons. So the final solution was this: I kept my first and middle name, moved Thomson to a middle name (I am now one of those people with two middle names - yes, I realize that there are cons and pros to this as well), and picked up Marc's last name as my last name.

I now have begun to dreaded process of changing my name on EVERYTHING. [This process is sort of a pain and it's only just begun.] I am sure I'll update you on this process as it comes along, so far it is annoying to me.

How was the name changing process for you?
Any tips on getting this process over quicker or with more efficiency?


  1. Your Social is the gateway to this process...pretty painless. Then with new SS, your DL. Then I think the most involved part is with all your new ID and official marriage license is doing the banking accounts. Credit cards are pretty easy over the phone. My student loans wanted a copy of my DL mailed to them. But otherwise it isn't as hard as one thinks.

  2. It took me forever to change my name on everything. My social security card was the last thing to change, and it was almost a year after we were married before I got around to it. Good luck girl... I'm a major procrastinator, so I have more faith in you! Haha! :)

  3. For the most part, changing my name was easy. Certified copy of the marriage license, and some ID and wham, you got it. The MAJOR BUMMER is that you have to get a brand spanking new passport, no diminished fees or anything, to reflect your new identity. That's the part that annoyed me, since I had about 8 years left on my passport when I got married.