Thursday, June 13, 2013

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

While I love traveling there is also something absolutely beautiful about coming home, sleeping in my own bed, snuggling my sweet puppy while relaxing at night, knowing where everything is at, and having access to all of my stuff. Today I am back to work and it is my favorite day of the week in the summer  in terms of work. Thursday's are summer stretch days! I hang out with middle schoolers all day - in the morning we do a service project somewhere in our community, we eat our picnic lunch, we learn a little about Jesus, and then we head off to do something fun with the other 150 summer stretchers across our town. It is glorious. Not only for me is it fabulous ministry but I also get the chance to hang out with my colleagues who I love and adore.

I am hoping after Summer Stretch is over to upload pictures to my computer, then to shutterfly (I am anal retentive about getting my photos backed up), and then hopefully get some posted. I don't have any of my professional pictures back yet, just the ones off of my camera and my mother's but I hope to at least begin to post a few.

Do you enjoy photos as much as I do?
Do you have anything you always look forward to every week?
What is your favorite way to store your photos and back them up?
Do you scrapbook? How?

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