Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's back to reality we go

We have had a marvelous few days exploring and wandering and adventuring up in northern Wisconsin. I definitely would love to come back some day. It is totally reasonable located in terms of us getting here without having to make a twelve million hour drive or having to pay to fly somewhere. The Apostle Islands are absolutely GORGEOUS this time of year (pre-warning for a photo dump coming) and I have taken tons of pictures (this probably doesn't surprise you).

We are heading back to Minnesota today and should be back this afternoon - we don't plan on rushing our way back but enjoying what last little time we have before we are back to work and all of those joys.

Do you have anywhere in particular that you like to get away even if it is for a short time?


  1. Safe travels!
    emma @ amom runs this town

  2. My in-laws, because then we as parent get a little break in the child taking care of/watching :)

  3. So glad y'all had a good time!! :0) Hope y'all made it back safe!