Friday, June 21, 2013

Funny Disney Realization

I have been flipping through a ton of old photos and looking at photobooks lately. I seriously love flipping through shutterfly books that I have had printed and we have had some rain lately which has left me some time to be a little bit nostalgic. While flipping through photobooks I realize I have a problem. While this isn't the issue with every character at Disney World, but with several. Now, I am about 5'11" so by no means ridiculously tall, but I also am never classified as short. I also am the first to recognize that the characters really are geared more towards the kids than adults, however being a kid at heart I like to get my photo with the characters as well, particularly if there isn't a long line.
Anyways, I realize that in many a good picture I look RIDICULOUS because I am half squatting. I think I am attempting to not tower over the character however, I look soooo funny. I am posting a few here for you to observe my issue.
 The Donald Duck picture above is probably the worst one, I sort of look like I am falling over or something. How funny?! I am glad I noticed and can attempt to not squat. The Mickey Mouse picture with the medals sort of makes me laugh for several reasons, talk about being in his bubble and my head is huge and apparently covers up one of his ears. The other pictures it just looks so awkward that I am leaning WAY into all of these characters.
 I imagine the people after they are all done working for the day going back and talking about all the ridiculous things people said or did while they were working and people were taking photos with them and the things people said. I imagine they hear all sorts of things and have a ton of stories to tell however, seriously, I am one of those people. Hahahahahaha. Who knew?! My friend Suzi who is in all the photos with me comes in at about 5'4" so we have quite the height difference, but that at least can give you a little bit of perspective. There are some characters who are ridiculously tall and dwarf me which is kind of fun too.

I am thankful for the photopass people who are skilled with cameras and offer to take a picture on my personal camera as well as on their camera.

I LOVE Mickey Mouse
Goal for November: DON'T SQUAT in character photos

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  1. There's no telling what crazy stories the character people have to share!! I would love to hear some! :0) I love the pictures, by the do not look ridiculous, promise!