Saturday, May 25, 2013

Two Weeks

Two Weeks.

I can't believe it. We are two weeks away from the wedding. I am now getting ridiculously excited.
It is a bit surreal for sure. I had my "practice" hair yesterday, seriously a little crazy how everything is falling into place bit by bit.

This Weeks To Do List:
  • Finish my bridesmaid gifts 
    • They are about 95% done - so I just need to squeeze in some time to finish them
  • Pick up the bulletins for worship
    • they are printed I just have to get to the printer during business hours
        • life has been crazytown around here and I haven't had time
  • Make the meal tags for the reception
    • This shouldn't take long - I have the tags all made they just need the appropriate color placed on the bottom of them
  • Pay the flower lady and give her the twine to wrap around the base of the flowers
  • Pay the cake lady and give her the ribbon for the cake
  • start cleaning my house
    • I am starting with the upstairs because I really don't use it all that often and I have company coming so it is time to buckle down and get that cleaned up
  • double check to-do lists
  • wrap bridesmaid gifts
  • write thank yous from last weekend's shower
    • I have half done
  • write thank yous for people helping with the wedding
    • lots of these to do

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