Friday, May 24, 2013

Living the Dream

Why is it my basement begins to take on water on the Saturday of Memorial Weekend? Seriously, no calling for professional help till Tuesday. R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S. {or no calling for professional help without paying an arm, a leg, and a kidney}

Also- the camp I am helping to co-manage opened today - over the top jazzed we managed to pull this off - I will include a long post about this camp here shortly

I have a random project: Operation Sandwich - I'll fill you all in on it soon - we launch June 6 - essentially we are going to feed kids who are normally on free and reduced lunches at the school during the year - crazy how this has fallen together

I had my "practice hair" done for the wedding today - it was okay - some things need "tweaked" - Marc's reaction wasn't quite what I was hoping for

It has been a long week already. While some are rejoicing it is the holiday weekend I am doing a funeral tomorrow, working Sunday morning, and again on Monday. I do love my call, (95% of the time I wouldn't trade it for the world) however tonight I find myself dreaming of an 8:00-5:00 with no on call, no weekends, no holidays, or holidays with holiday pay.

Alright. This post was a bit crabbier/overly exhausted than I wanted but I am going to post anyways.


  1. Oh no! Water in your basement and it just happened to fall on a holiday weekend!! I'm so sorry! :0( Yay for practice hair and project sandwich! Sounds really neat!

  2. Praying for you the next two weeks! It will all be great. Project Sandwich sounds amazing. I think that may be a great idea for a church that I know. You don't sound as cranky as you think you might. Take a deep breath. Enjoy the next few weeks. Be Still.

    I am willing to Skype or receive a phone call if you need someone to just listen. Don't feel like this is something to add to your life though.