Saturday, May 4, 2013

Biking Lessons

So I am several days into my new bike now. It is a little crazy, I sort of feel like a baby giraffe learning how to walk, I am not so good at certain parts of it.

Seriously, while Marc makes getting in and out of the pedals super ridiculously easy, he snaps in and out in a half of a heartbeat, here is how it goes for me. I get my first foot clipped into the pedal, I get up on the bike and then I begin to bike, and for what feels like an eternity I sit and flip the pedal and eventually get my foot in the darn pedal, about at this same time I notice an upcoming intersection and I slowly but surely work my foot back out of the pedal so that at the ridiculously busy intersection I can stop and not get smoked by a car. This is how I progress until we finally make our way out of town or to an unpopulated part of town so that I can actually ride and get some miles under my belt.

The tire feels to me to be able 99% thinner than the tire on my old bike, which isn't bad, it just takes me a little while to get used to the thin tires. With such thin tires it makes the broken up road quite pleasant to ride. It took me a few rides to feel confident on anything other than perfect pavement. I am learning.

Seriously, I feel like a six year old learning to ride for the first time without training wheels. I want my dad running behind my bike holding it up. I know once I get the hang of it I will have it mastered.

A couple of things that I have learned for sure:

  • don't assume motorists see you - they probably aren't looking for you - when they do see you chances are they will flip you off (as proven by two guys who were upset that they had to move over slightly on the road as they drove by)
  • ignore people's ridiculous comments
    • one gentleman driving an older pick up with a "confederate will rise again" sticker on the window pulled up next to me at a stop light, rolled down his passenger side window and yelled out to me "get a job, then you can get a can buy car and get around town and stop being in my way and stop being a drain on federal dollars"
      • I chose to say nothing and believe he just got up on the wrong side of the bed - instead I smiled, waved, and crossed the street
  • it is much better to bike in capris or shorts 
    • pants get caught on the chain part thingy (yes I am that technical) of my bike and that isn't so wonderful
  • I do enjoy biking minus the getting my foot in and out of the pedals
    • I think once I master that skill set I will be golden
  • I am not going to be happen when the snow starts to fall again next winter 
    • I AM LOVING the ability to be active outside!
How have you been enjoying the outdoors?
What is your favorite spring/summer activity?


  1. I still remember my dad's little velcro strap so he could bike in pants. I'm sure you will get the hang of it soon!

    1. Seriously I can now see why people use velcro straps!

  2. Yes, DON'T assume motorists see you. my husband has had MANY friends in accidents that did so BE CAREFUL! Also, don't make other motorists mad... my husband has done that one too many times... shame on him!
    emma @

    1. Yes, I am trying to as well as keep the motorists happy (some times I question if that is possible)