Saturday, May 11, 2013

Adventures in Composting

We have begun our adventures in composting. I am thrilled and couldn't be more excited, seriously. We have been talking about it and reading lots and lots of stuff about composting. We finally gave in and got a composting bin from our local arboretum for super cheap. I know you can make your own but I didn't have a garbage can sitting around and the price on this was about the same as buying a can that I would have to drill holes into. We had some leaves left over from last year that fell after we did our big raking job and so we put about four inches of dried leaves in the bottom of the can. We then added some stale bread and my banana peel from dinner. Our composting journey has begun. I am pretty excited to see how it works and am excited about the potential of having nutrient rich soil in a few months. This is something I have been interested in for several years and just haven't had the guts to start.
My theory now is that I may as well try and fail rather than fail by surely not trying, at least I have a chance at succeeding by trying. We also have bought some seeds and are going to attempt a small garden this year, nothing fancy and we know that we have to at least attempt to try it. So here is to taking my hand at gardening with two very nongreen thumbs! 

Luther and Dakota playing in the yard while we set up the compost and the
start of a garden

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