Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring PLEASE come

Dearest Spring,
   While I have loved your predecessor Winter, I am more than ready for you to make your appearance. I know you have lots of work to do by melting the tracks of Winter, she conveniently just dropped about six inches on us last night and continues to drop snow on us today. I am sick of running on a treadmill and spending hours on the elliptical machine. I want to leave my car parked in the garage as much as I can and ride my bike to work, go for good long runs OUTSIDE without fear of falling flat on my face (twice last week when I attempted to run outside - note to self: still WAY icy outside don't be deceive). I want to go walk my dog and not have to put on my snow pants, boots, hats, mittens, long underwear, and my winter coat. I want to be able to go sit outside and throw the ball with her and enjoy it without my fingers falling off or losing Dakota's beloved orange ball in a snow bank somewhere.
    Let me not forget that my dog is nearly going nuts, she sits in the bathtub almost nightly and BEGS for me to fill it with water so she can play in the water. Seriously, my dog is begging for baths just so she can play in the water. Please come, melt the snow and ice so we can be outside again for long periods of time. Push, shove, be mean if you have to, it would be great to see you around here.
    Also please note that Winter's continual presence is having an effect on people around here, everyone is just a bit crabbier, a bit more cranky due to serious vitamin d inefficiencies, we need you to come and make your appearance. In fact, I am crabbier, I am more short tempered, I am frustrated by you, I am over you. 100% done with you and I would more than welcome spring.  I do love winter, I do love snow, I don't love ice that causes me to fall flat on my face, I do love you too spring, PLEASE COME HERE.
    My fitness level is not improving by you sticking around, I am trying to get in shape and I am trying to go for long runs but I can't lie to you and say that Winter is helping at all, in all reality the idea of another quarter mile on the treadmill makes me want to nearly cut my legs off. Please come and remedy my problems. I am over Winter, Spring please arrive now.

   Dakota and Me

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  1. I hope Spring comes around soon for y'all!