Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cardia Deo 2013: Called

This past weekend I got to spend with a couple hundred or so of the high schoolers from around my synod. We dove into what it means to be called, spent time in prayer, worship, and bible studies, work on a couple serve projects, and played and laughed hard. It was a glorious weekend. High schoolers renew my hope for the future. These youth are AMAZING, seriously, their generations is already moving mountains and I can only imagine the impact they will have when they no longer live hearing that they are too young, or not smart enough, or not old enough, or simply just not enough.

It is an honor to gather alongside them, to hear their joys and struggles, and to accompany them as we walk this road of faith together. I am always impressed with the ways in which this peer led weekend goes so well and God shows up in big ways. I had a fabulous group of kids from the congregation I serve (twelve of them) and it was wonderful to see how they worked together, grew as a group, challenged one another, and most of all supported one another.

I give thanks for this generation of youth coming up.
I pray for wisdom to know how to continue to equip them to do ministry in the world.
I give thanks for the gift of accompaniment.
I pray for energy to keep up with the youth and the changing technology.
I give thanks for the congregation who continues to affirm my call to full time ministry.
I pray for a diligence in listening to the stirring of the Holy Spirit.

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