Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tunisian Crochet update 1

Throughout this year my friend Lindy and I are going to be attempting to make a Tunisian crochet blanket from lion brand. I began this year knowing nothing about how to Tunisian crochet. A few days before the new year I went to my local craft store and picked up my needle. I am hoping to use up lots of yarn from my stash to make this project, I may towards the end need to buy some, we'll see how the year plays out. Anyways, the throw consists of nine different stitches. I have begun with the basic Tunisian crochet, which thanks to youtube, I picked up fairly quickly, my gauge isn't exactly what it should be according to the pattern but apparently according to the reviews lots of people have this problem.

Serious rollage

finished square number 1 only 35 to go

First thoughts and lessons learned from the first square:
  • relax - the tension must be fairly loose
  • the ends curl - it seems 99% of people have this problem
  • I am going to need a border
  • Ending a square is not hard but not as easy as I would have liked at first
  • I have a year, I can do this. It is only 36 squares and 9 stitches. I have a year.
    • Yes, this is me giving myself a pep talk, thanks for listening
  • I am loving having a project to challenge me, sometimes I get bored with doing the same projects over and over again
  • 35 squares to go, I can do this

Anyone else taking up a year long project?
Are you learning anything new this year?
Any random goals for the year?

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