Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mom is here

Whoop Whoop! Late last night mom arrived, seriously there is something absolutely wonderful about having Mom at my place. She has been snuggling my sweet puppy (and feeding Dakota all sorts of things I wouldn't) and hanging out and helping me with projects. We also have come up with a list of miscellaneous wedding type projects that we plan to work on during the week she is here. It is WONDERFUL to have family around. I give thanks for my family who is willing to travel to see me and understands that I can't necessarily travel home and gather like we use to.

There is something about mom's cooking, or maybe it is just that I don't have to cook. Either way it is wonderful, my dog thinks she has died and gone to heaven because she hardly ever has to go into her kennel, someone is generally home with her. I do love the holidays but I particularly love time with my family.

Now slowly but surely my family will continue to arrive, Cubby and his girlfriend (brother and girlfriend) should be arriving sometime today with Cub's dog Nala. Marc will come back to northern Minnesota tomorrow after spending a little bit more time with his family. And dad will roll in on Monday evening after working. Christmas day we will all travel to the cities to hang out with my uncle and three of my cousins. I LOVE my family.

Seriously I think having many of my favorite people together is one of the exciting things I am looking forward to about my wedding. Super excited. Now to go work on wedding type projects with mom and have her quit feeding the dog all sorts of food.

Who are you gathering with this holiday season?
Any family traditions that you look forward to every year?

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  1. This year, we decided to host an open house for our congregations to come and see our home. We had cookies and some food, and I decided to try to make my mom's world famous eggnog. It's SEVERAL notches above my culinary skills and I had to ask Jake several times if the eggs had stiff peaks or if the cream had stiff peaks or if the spoon was coated, but I!!! did it all. And when I finally finished it up and poured myself a cup, I took a sip and started SCREAMING, "I DID IT!! IT TASTES LIKE IT'S SUPPOSED TO!" And everyone who tried it really liked it, and I felt like in some small way, my mom was with me. It was good. I think it'll be my new tradition.