Sunday, December 23, 2012

Full House

Or almost full house. I am certain we still have room for dad to arrive tomorrow. I love having my house full of people. My house is wonderfully sized, not too big and not too small. I have three bedrooms and only one bathroom (which is the downfall) and a story and a half (strange concept to me to have a half story). I found the house almost too big with just Dakota and I living there. I am certain when Marc moves in this June we will still find that we have plenty of space. I am thankful that I have a house that is large enough to be able to accommodate a few extra guests. We can figure out how to share the bathroom and not run out of hot water. I love having family around and totally can deal with the mess and other things that come with having extra people in the house.

I love having the noise in the house, I love the way Dakota knows that people are sleeping upstairs and begs to be let upstairs (I have her baby gated out) in order to wish them a good morning and get in a few morning snuggles. I love having a full kitchen table and sharing a meal with those I love. It will be great to have dad here on Monday. YAY for family.

Off to the YMCA for a run. Tinkerbell is around the corner, I am getting more and more excited each and every day, darn ice keeping me from running outside. I suppose since Christmas is now only two days away it is more than time to finish that last Christmas present looming over my head.

Do you have much left to prep for Christmas?
Do you enjoy hosting?
Did you finish all your Christmas projects?
Did you make many Christmas presents? Did you make any Christmas presents?

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