Thursday, December 27, 2012

Minimalist Shoe

Confession: I am not one who looks forward to my yearly physical - no real reason. I just never look forward to it. This year I was particularly unexcited, my doctor (who was amazing) had retired last May (which I am thankful she is retiring so she can enjoy this phase in her life) but it left me without a primary care doctor.

This past week I got a call from the doctors office noticing it had been over a year since my last physical and wondering if I'd like to schedule one, begrudgingly I agreed and they listed off the doctors who were accepting new patients. I know nothing about any of them so I told them I would prefer a female if that was an option and then felt like I was playing Russian roulette. I wanted a doctor who I felt comfortable around (I know if the first one wasn't what I was looking for, I could switch, but then I felt like I had an endless cycle coming of doctor switching.). They scheduled me for a new doctor at the clinic I go to. Blah I was getting the new kid, who I was afraid was going to be 12.

Much to my surprise, I hit a home run, the new doctor is wonderful. What makes her even more wonderful is that she has a vast knowledge of sports medicine (she has done a ton of work in it). When we were talking she was examining my knees (which have had 4 surgeries on them) and gave me some advice about maintaining them. I also told her a bit about how my one knee has been bothering me, it clicks, it swells, it's annoy (it won't keep me from running in January, I am too stubborn, plus she said I'd be fine). Anyways, she suggested that I start to work down to a minimallist shoe, she thinks it may help my knees. She also talked me through how to make the transition.

I do have a pair of Vibram 5 fingers shoes that I wear when I am just out and about and love them. However she warned me about what happens if I transition too quickly to a more natural shoe. I am excited to shoe shop again (since Asics no longer finds it necessary to make the same shoe that I fell in love with four years ago). I am excited to go try on some shoes and see if I can make the transition to a less supportive shoe. She suggested the Nike Frees after looking at my arch and all that good jazz. Whoop Whoop.

Anyways, so now that I am over my Asics (or at least trying pretending to be) I am ready to go to a bigger town than mine (seriously not many good options in terms of looking for running shoes in my town) and try on some shoes.

I am also jazzed that my new doctor isn't totally lame and won't be retiring next year (I would guess she is about my age).


  1. I have worn both the new balance minimalist and now I'm in the saucony. If you can make it to St. Cloud the endurunce shop guys can really help you out. The new balance (and other minimal shoes I'm sure) don't last as long mileage wise. (Note...running 500 miles in the pair of new balance will give you shin splints. They are only good for about 350 miles). My saucony shoes are suppose to last a little longer and have a little more support. Good luck!

  2. I'm SO glad you found a doctor you like! WAY important. If you despise visiting your doctor, you won't, and that's not good for your health. I really like my doctor, too. She's my favorite EVER. Here's to finding good primary care physicians!