Saturday, December 29, 2012

CHRISTmas Journey

It is amazing to see what can happen when several dedicated folks set their minds to something. This past week a small group of people saw their hard work come into play. This small group of people dreamed up what this walk through experience would be like and then found others to join in. We had three different scenes that a tour guide took groups through, the first stop was the Isaiah prophesy, the second stop the annunciation with Mary, and the last stop the nativity.

It was a beautiful example of sharing the faith at Christmas. We had hundreds of people come through the CHRISTmas Journey. I was blessed to be able to stand around and talk to people, it was amazing to hear people's responses and reactions. A few even admitted to never having stepping foot in a church before. Some asked about Christmas Eve worship other about the mission and ministry of the church. It was a fabulous way to share our faith and what we believe and share the Christmas story with our neighbors.

A glimpse at the Nativity scene

How do you share your faith?
Does your church have any fun or creative ways that you share the story of our God?

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  1. One time, a friend of mine took me to his church's "Bethlehem Walk." It was SO cool. It was SO in-depth with elaborate scenes, people who REALLY knew the story, and interaction. We were a group of Jews who were going to be registered, and we were harassed by Romans, accosted by sellers in the marketplace, and all sorts of things. Your CHRISTmas event sounds way cool, too! I wish I could've gone!