Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nikon D60

I love my Nikon D60 and I have not gotten to use it nearly enough. I have realized that my go to camera is my point and shoot for sure, I don't know if it is because I don't want to carry the weight of the bigger camera or what, but I want to commit to using that camera more often. I want to take fun photos and be able to edit them and use them for stuff.
I should see if I can find a photo challenge type a deal online that suggests something to photograph each day to add to the challenge and fun. Sometimes I am stumped on what to take photos of, my puppy gets lots of photos taken of her (which I am not totally against, but I feel like I should have more than just pictures of my sweet puppy). I know there is a photo challenge of the day on instagram so maybe I will just borrow the topic from there and use my D60 to take photos rather than my phone.
Must use fun camera more often.
Unrelated side note: It is August 3 and I haven't drank any soda yet. Seriously, I know it is only three days but it is about two days longer than I thought I would make it. YAY for small victories (yes I celebrate small victories frequently)
Unrelated side note #2: I wish I had a group of people to run with in the morning before work. I enjoy running by myself but from time to time I would love to run with folks. I may sign up for the early morning swim group this fall through our community education just so that I get my butt out of bed still in the fall and swim with a group of people, I think I would push myself harder if I did. We'll see, community ed calendar hasn't come out yet for the fall.
Unrelated side note #3: I got a new pair of shoes the other day that I am over the top jazzed about, they are giraffe print Toms. Yes, some folks probably think they are ugly for sure, but I LOVE THEM! (I am fascinated by giraffes, and so in turn love that giraffe print has become trendy. I have loved giraffes since I was a little girl and am not certain what exactly made me fall in love with them.)

New shoes that I love
Generally I am a barefoot or flip flop type a girl
but these make me excited to wear shoes

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  1. I have yet to buy a "big girl camera". I love the pics & video I get from my iPhone.

    Those shows are awesome!!