Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bacon Fest 2012

A few weeks ago a group of friends and I got together and had our first (what will be) annual (if not more frequently) bacon fest. It was a marvelous idea that was born out of a"board meeting" (our Thursday afternoon meet over a beer type a meetings). We met around 5:00pm and had a marvelous time. The evening went as follows: eat bacon, drink to prevent dehydration, play yard games, eat more bacon, drink more, play more yard games, eat more bacon, light campfire, drink more, and consume more bacon. It was a GLORIOUS evening and I highly recommend everyone host a bacon fest. All of our bacon type products are pictured below except for the salad with lots of bacon in it.

Bacon Explosion
grilled bacon & cheese, wrapped in sausage, encased in bacon weave
[amazing and wins best bacon idea ever]
Jalapenos filled with peanut butter wrapped with bacon
[actually tasted amazing]
water chestnuts wrapped in bacon
bacon dipped in milk chocolate
[super delightful]

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