Thursday, March 15, 2012

First 2012 Ride your bike to work day

    Today it is absolutely beautiful outside, gorgeous day for March. I was excited and thrilled and was happy to have the chance to be outside. Yesterday a friend and I cleaned up my backyard and got to spend a couple hours raking leaves and other good things along that line it it was glorious. This morning I woke up and thought to myself that it was absolutely ridiculous that I drive to work as it is only 1.5 miles one way to work and I could easily do that on my bike and it would be good for me.
   So I got up checked the tire pressure, put air in the tires, packed my backpack [my usual bag wouldn't be great for riding bike], put on my helmet, and I was off to work. On my ride to work I thought about how it will be fun to keep track of how many times I ride to work and home and how many miles I keep off car and come this fall when the snow falls again calculate how much I saved in gas. BRILLIANT plan for sure and I am stoked and excited about it.
   I rode my bike home for lunch so I could play with my puppy and my brother's puppy [who I am dog sitting for a few days] and eat something yummy for lunch and chill for a little bit before heading back to work. On the way back to work I put on my helmet and my light spring jacket and was off and going. I stopped at every intersection and waiting for the walk signal and crossed when appropriate. About half way to work I had been stopped at the intersection and got the cross signal, looked, and then crossed the street. As I was crossing the street a very elderly woman hit the back of my bike bending the frame, bending the tire way out of place, and breaking my little gizmo [I don't know what it is really called] that keeps track of my mileage and tells me the time.
   Now here is the part that really annoys me: the lady didn't stop! She didn't stop to see if I was okay or if my bike was okay or what she hit. She kept going, I have no clue what her license plate number is or what kind of car she drives [I am horrible with identifying cars for the most part]. I called it into the police, not really much they can do with the super vague description I gave them but file a report. So in the long run I am left without a working bike and have to pay to replace it. Yes, technically I can turn it into my homeowners insurance but I have a high deductible I am not turning it into my insurance, my bike wasn't super off the wall amazing, let's be honest I have had that bike since 8th grade and have more than gotten my money out of it. But the point is it got me from point a to point b very well and for what I use the bike for it was absolutely perfect!
    My attempt to be healthy and be well has totally backfired and trashed my bike leaving me very annoyed! Here ends my rant for the day. Yes, I do give thanks that I walked away from it totally unharmed. I am thankful that I am not visiting the Emergency Room. I am thankful that she (I assume) is totally fine and not hurt and hopefully not too much damage was done to her car (if she even has any). I am thankful for the ability to rant and be annoyed and now to move on.
    God grant me the ability to forgive this woman as you forgive me day in and day out. Amen.

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