Monday, February 6, 2012

  This is a picture of Dakota and me after our first run together yesterday. It was a glorious afternoon and evening with just the two of us. Dakota ran really well with me and I loved having her along for the run, we only went about a half hour as I wasn't certain how she'd do. But she was a champ for sure!!!! Our only issues were that it is still really icy outside and we need to figure out how to communicate, when she needs to stop to pee. I am super excited for more runs with Dakota!

I am thankful for days like yesterday where all the details fall into place and life is cruising at full pace. I got some cleaning done, lots of laundry done and folded, got to work on some craft projects, dropped of some craft projects to be sold, watched a little football, and got to continue the work on my kitchen. It was a fabulous day.

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