Thursday, January 19, 2012

One room at a time.....

There will be no pictures with this post. My house is a mess.... it is driving me nuts! I have a couple problems going on, one my kitchen will remain a mess for a while due to the demo that is happening and I need to learn to be okay with that, every other room on the other hand has no excuse. Naturally shortly after I start demoing my kitchen winter arrives, while we don't have much snow we do have the nice bitter cold weather that I have been anxiously awaiting.

Confession: I love a clean and organize space. I love everything to have it's place and I don't love excess stuff sitting around.

Confession #2: my house is not the way I want it... it is semi gross in fact. While it isn't dirty or anything along that line, it needs some serious organizational help.

So I am going to do it room by room until it is clean. I cleaned/organized my bedroom last weekend and now I love being in that space, so given that I love clean an organized why can't I get it that way and then keep it that way!? Seriously!?

My next room that needs to get done I think is my kitchen minus the tiles that I am ripping out and then I need to work on my craft loft space. I am really excited about that space but I now need to work to make it practical and useful.

I also need to go through things like my books and get rid of the stuff that I just do not need any more. Why in the world do I feel the need to hang on to stuff? Get rid of it! Thankfully a couple Christmas' ago my dad got my brother and I each a kindle (which I LOVE) and that has massively helped cut back on my books that need to go on shelves. Now to go through all the old theology and other such books from seminary and undergrad.

I also massively need to catch up on my photobooks. I LOVE looking through them and I sit down and page through them all the time, but some how I have gotten so far behind that the task is now daunting. Must catch up!

I have however kept up on my photo a day project and am finding it lovely. I even have started the photo book and am updating it each weekend so that at the end of the year it will be ready to have printed. (I love for making photobooks.)

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