Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall/Winter Project

This fall/winter I have decided that I need to take on several projects for a few reasons:
1) it gives me a sense of variety and purpose
2) I know I'll be cooped up in a building a lot of winter so I need projects to keep me going
3) Fall/Winter always seems like a time for projects indoors when I can't be outside playing

One of my projects this fall/winter is I am going to try making a lot of different soups. I love soup but I really dislike most pre-made soups from grocery stores because I generally find them far too salty for my liking and they never quite taste quite as good as if it is homemade rather than store bought.

I started yesterday with Cheeseburger Soup. My friend Lynneskies recommended it to me originally. She said to not put in the parsley or the basil and left it out and don't think I'd put it in either after tasting the soup. It is even fabulous reheated. If you click on Cheeseburger Soup it should bring up the link with the recipe of where Lynneskies found it originally. I am already beginning to look for soup recipes for next week. I can't wait to make a variety of soups. I know it would be possible to get in a massive rut of eating sandwiches and other quick foods with my schedule so it is fun to be able to crock-pot some of the soups and some to make on the stove.

I am off to play with a very happy puppy! I love my Dakota! I have her enrolled in beginning dog training classes (I guess we are both technically taking the class) and so far it has been super fun. I love watching Dakota learn new skills and I love learning how to help her learn new skills. I am excited to see what else she will learn. While I miss my classmates at seminary, I don't really miss going to class yet (I know people say I will eventually), I am liking the ability to choose what classes I want to take and to take a wide variety of random community education classes, I am hoping to get into a crocheting class this winter since I am a self taught crocheter it would be fun to take the class, it is an hour and a half for two nights, which I think should fit into my schedule.

What about you all, do you have any fall/winter projects planned?


  1. Your brother loves homemade soup too, but pretty busy in vet school, if only he had someone to make some for him.....

  2. I would think I could make some for my brother. Maybe he should come visit and I can send him home with some. I am going to disappoint this weekend but next time I'll make some for my brother. You wouldn't happen to know what kind of soup my brother would really like would you? Love you!