Thursday, August 11, 2011


This picture is mostly for Molita but for everyone else too I suppose. My projects as of lately have been some fun house projects. I've realized I haven't taken many photos of the finished house projects, this is just one picture of a wall in my kitchen.... I know I should probably hang some more stuff on the wall but when it isn't at such a funny angle it doesn't look quite as empty as it is. But this is my orange kitchen wall that I love. I should take some further away pictures for some time. I love being able to paint my walls and hang stuff on them! Both are fabulous, such a change from dorm life.


  1. I LOVE the orange wall! Can't wait to see it in person sometime!

  2. Martin would love this, too. His favorite color is orange. I think that first year of life at Wartburg affected his life more than we realize! I can't wait to run with you again in October! :D