Monday, August 8, 2011

Crazy few weeks......

Life seems to be moving at mach speed and hardly at all. Life is on one hand settling down and at the same time spinning out of control. The picture above is of my sweet puppy a couple weeks ago as we were swimming at one of the boat launches around Brainerd, I think she looks so funny when she is wet, it is all that funny fur she has going on. Thank God for this little puppy to keep my sanity.

I went to Chicago with a group of youth from the congregation, it was a fabulous trip and an amazing way to get to know all the youth and other adults. The group of youth were outstanding. It was funny to see how some of them reacted to the big city as many of them had never been in a large city such as Chicago.

In projects at the moment I am currently ripping down wallpaper in my bedroom (this project has gotten old fast but  I can't wait to paint the walls). The problem with this particular wallpaper is it is old-ish and it was put up right on top of the dry wall, nothing in between, so I am currently having to look into what I can put on the walls to add a little texture to the walls and I will need to prime the walls really well before I am able to paint the walls whatever color I end up painting it. But I am excited to report that my kitchen and bathroom have both been repainted (pictures to come soon).

In random projects I have also been crocheting a blanket that I am pretty excited about, it is looking fabulous, just taking longer than I anticipated. I have a few books that I would love to finish but I just haven't yet found the time to finish them. Hopefully this winter when yardwork isn't occupying my time I will have a little time to read.

I also have begun to train for the 10k in October that I am excited to run. I need need need to massively get back in shape, it has gotten bad, so that is my other major project.

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