Friday, February 4, 2011


It has been far too long since I have posted, that is for sure. January has been a crazy month to say the least. January held three big milestones for me.

January 8 marked my first half marathon - a personal victory that I must confess I never thought possible. The picture above is me with my medal, I LOVE IT! I HATED running during my college and high school years. I played womens basketball and we lived by the firm model that we did not need to run more than two or three miles at most. After a battle with my knees I had to trust my body to take me the 13.1 miles, I had to trust the training would pay off, I had to trust that I could do it, I had to convince my mind that what I had once thought was impossible was in reality possible. It was an amazing feeling to have finished in my goal time. My finish time would impress no one, but I am proud of myself. I have signed up for my second half marathon (which I swore I would never do more than one) a week after I graduate. I give thanks for my friends who have inspired and encouraged me to keep trying and pushing forward and believe in me when I don't think I believed in myself, I am blessed.

January 12 marked one year - It was a bitter-sweet month of questioning how does one mark a year after a life changing event? How do I celebrate life while recognizing great death and tragedy? And the reality of living in the promise of the resurrection every day is my never ending hope. It was glorious to rejoice in the moment and recognize that it has been a year and only a year at the same time. I am not going to lie and attempt to say that I don't still think about it frequently or that there aren't moments when the floor below me shakes that my heart rate does skyrocket..... I also am not going to say that I see all death and dying, I firmly believe that for some reason I was called to that time and place also that I have grown, learned, and I will never be the same. The memories are still fresh, the wounds still can bring tears, and the hope reigns above all else. I give thanks for the people of Haiti who continue to inspire me today, I give thanks for the people who continue to uphold me and support me in so many ways, I am blessed.

January 31 the first day of my last semester of seminary - it too is bitter sweet. I have spent the last four years looking forward to and counting down to this day, in 18 days I will know my regional assignment. The start of the last day is huge, I remember my first day of summer Greek and thinking about how far away senior year would be and I think in my heart of hearts I questioned if this day would ever come. With each day of classes that pass I rejoice and mourn. I give thanks for all the friends I have met throughout this journey so far, I am blessed.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I really appreciated it and your honesty. And I AM impressed with your finish time! It would probably take me 6 years to run a flippin' 1/2 marathon!