Monday, February 7, 2011

Back in the swing of things

Back at it again, the semester has now begun its second week. The new is now becoming the familiar once again. Routine is beginning to form again and patterns are arising in the rhythm of my life. This picture is my current background on my computer screen. These were all the medals that were to be handed out as people crossed the finish lines from the half marathon this past month. I love the picture, I know it is off center and it is just a pile of medals. But I can't help but think of all the hours of training and how many miles were run by individuals in order to cross the finish line to have that medal given to them. It is also currently the photo I look at as I begin to get back into running seriously again. It serves several purposes at the moment: to remind me that a half marathon is in fact possible, reminds me of the adrenaline rush I had after finishing, the sense of accomplishment, the sense of being able to set my mind on something and achieve the goal.

These medals also have a funny reminder to me about my seminary journey rounding its final corner, I know there will not be a medal given to me, a diploma yes, but the end is near and the reminder to finish strong. Never again will I have the chance to spend my days studying, I am ready to be done but at that same time I also am attempting to cherish the moments with classmates, faculty, and just the chance to learn, to read, to ask questions in community, and to soak in the last bit of this learning environment while I can.

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