Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Photodump

She is growing up SOOOO FAST
She LOVES this ball
New favorite food: Mum Mums
Love us some baby wearing #Tula
I swear she has to be close to teething -
she is chewing on EVERYTHING
Happy all of the time
Sleepy Dakota
Last year all three of these babes were in utero
Lucy (8.5 months), Jonah (4 months), Mac (almost 1)
New Bohemia pretzel 
LOVED baby
Uncle Cubby
FINALLY able to get outside and get running
playing with Dad
Sometimes at 10:00pm you just need brownies
Worth it to bundle her up to run outside
I can't believe that she is already 8 months
trying to savor every minute

How was your March?
What were your highlights?