Monday, February 16, 2015

Walt Disney World with a Six Month Old

I read all of the posts, take a six month old to Disney World, DON'T take a six month old to Disney World, it will be too much work to take a six month old to Disney World, it will be the worst trip of your life, it will be awesome, etc..... I read a TON of blogs about life at Walt Disney World and a six or so month old baby. I waffled back and forth on if I wanted to add my voice to this conversation. But I decided to go for it, throw my thoughts in the myriad of voices available on this topic. Take it for what it is worth. We had a MARVELOUS time. Seriously, awesome, yes, I know Lucy won't remember it, but I will. I made her onesie dresses for each day that we were there and I think they are the PERFECT January in Walt Disney World outfit, I could put pants under her dress in the mornings to keep her warm and then mid day when it is nice and hot we took her pants off and then after dinner I changed her into her PJs so that when we got back to the resort at night she was already in her jams. It worked out slick as snot. I did have a couple back up outfits packed for each day due to the nature of attempting to feed Lucy and her drool factor. 
We traveled with my friend Suzi. I brought along our Bob stroller (post on that coming) and our soft structured baby carrier (I can't imagine not having some type of baby carrier at WDW). Surprisingly Lucy was able to go on WAY more rides and into WAY more attractions that I envisioned her to be able to do. She LOVED the carousel, it's a small world, the fireworks shows, the Parades (she would have watched those all day), people watching, and the characters. Sometimes I questioned who liked each other more the characters loving Lucy or Lucy the characters, they all hammed it up with her and we have some of the cutest pictures from their interactions. Her favorite were the ones that she got to chew on their noses: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck, closely followed by chewing on Plutos whiskers. 

why yes, I would love to chew on your nose
Yes, the trip took a little bit of extra planning in terms of packing bottles and formula and that type of thing - but it was TOTALLY worth it. The baby care centers at each park are AWESOME, use them if you are going to WDW with an infant/newborn/toddler/small child. Yes, we couldn't move at the same pace that we are accustom to moving at - however due to the slower time at WDW we were able to do just about everything we wanted to and had time to spare.
WDW does have an outstanding rider swap system in place where one person waits with the child outside the que for the ride and then the cast member tending to the que gives you a "rider swap" ticket which is good for up to three people (this didn't matter for us since we were only a party of two adults and an infant) but it would be nice if you were traveling in a group so that someone doesn't have to ride alone. The system worked out great for us.

We took tons of pictures and I look forward to creating a shutterfly book from this trip and showing it to Lucy later on in life. (I am sure I will link the shutterfly book at some point on here). It was a great trip and I am even more excited to be headed to WDW in November with: my husband, Lucy, and my parents. My husband and I are going to be running the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. She will have even more fun then! 

Smiles for Tinkerbell
she caught herself a Tinkerbell

She loved riding this despite her lack of a smile
Lucy size high chairs 
a thimble from visiting Tinkerbell
Lucy in her carrier with her newly beloved Minnie Mouse

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