Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Post Christmas fun

The day after Christmas we stayed down in Minneapolis for the day to enjoy some time with my brother and his girlfriend. We spent the day at the Mall of America and Lucy had a BLAST. She seriously hardly napped at all and was a CHAMPION - she was ridiculously happy to be hanging out with everyone. She alternated between being held and riding around in her carseat (she got hot being carried and eventually we stripped her down to only her onesie). We went and walked through the Aquarium and Lucy was AMAZED to look at all the fish and the different colors, Uncle Cubby was thrilled to carry her around and explain her to all about the fish (Uncle Cubby is working on becoming a Vet). We also ate lunch at a delicious Italian place in the mall.  We had a great time walking around and talking and hanging out.

Uncle Cubby & Lucy
Uncle Cubby & Lucy 
Lucy had the magic smile to convince Grandma that
she needed this stuffed baby golden retriever (which is super cute)

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