Friday, December 5, 2014

Five Months

Five Months Old.
I can't hardly believe it and almost find it hard to remember what life was life was like before we had Lucy. If memory serves me correctly: there was more sleep, less laundry, and a little less chaos (emphasis on the word little). However, we also lacked: the ability to stare at ten pounds of love for hours on end, sweet baby snuggles, the wonderful aroma of baby, the baby coos, the smile that melts our heart, the desire to capture every second on camera to not miss a thing, and our lives were not as rich as they are now.

This past month Lucy:
  • became a rock star at holding her own head
  • really is engaging whoever is around her, and really wants to be able to talk to everyone
    • however, she hasn't quite yet mastered how to make noise
    • I am predicting a never ending talker when she figures it out
    • when she does figure out how to babble she really goes to town with it and babbles for long stretches of time and we have several videos of her babbling for us
  • wakes up a two or three times a night to eat
  • LOVES watching fans
  • LOVES blowing spit bubbles and thinks that it is THE FUNNIEST thing on earth
  • can sit in the bumbo for quite some time without becoming overly frustrated
  • is sleeping less during the day
    • she still takes two or three naps a day but her wakeful periods are much more awake, interactive, and attentive
  • LOVES Dakota
  • hates riding in her car seat - I am pretty certain she things this is her version of hell on earth
    • Lucy has the ability to scream what feels like endlessly while forced to ride in her car seat for any amount of time
  • loves taking a bath and will play in the tub until the water starts to get cold
    • she screams and cries big crocodile tears when we take her out of the tub
    • here is hoping she likes swimming since she loves the tub so much
  • continues to wear clothes ranging from newborn to three months and I think she has a couple pairs of pants that are 6 months, however, I think that particular brand runs a little small
    • I would be soon she will jump to also including her six month clothes in her rotation and some of the newborn stuff will get tucked away
  • continues to only drink milk for nutrition - we haven't introduced her to any solid/semi-solid food yet
    • I don't think she is ready for real food yet and is still completely satisfied with milk
  • First night at home with Dad without mom
  • First time at the Middle School Gathering with mom
    • swimming with some of her favorite people: Linnea, Vicki, Stacy, & Bachman
  • traveled to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving
    • met a TON of people including several of her second cousins
    • snuggled grandma, grandpa, uncle as well as great-grandma & great-grandpa and many great-aunts & uncles

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