Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eleven Months as a MRS

The Wonderful Things:

  • We still have chicks alive
    • these little chicks were a random thing that we thought we'd try, but somehow we have managed to keep them alive
    • They are still living in our basement in a kiddie pool surrounded by chicken wire because mother nature apparently doesn't care that we have a beautiful chicken coop outside just waiting for it's inhabitants
    • They are growing like CRAZY - and next to impossible to get photos of - I am hoping once they move outside it will be easier - or really I hope they quit being so crazy pants in their kiddie pool so I can take pictures that I actually want to post
  • Marc rocks at putting in flooring
    • he has been working hard (I have been attempting to help)
    • he has the flooring down in the two basement bedrooms
  • Our basement may actually be semi livable by August
    • Our next step is to get the electrician back in to finish up the electrical work, we plan on having that done here shortly - we need to move some stuff out of the closet so they can access the light that goes in there - and it would be helpful if Mother Nature would play nice so we can get the chickens outside and out of what will be the 3rd bathroom
    • We continue to work on the flooring in the main room and hallway
Marc and I downstairs working on the flooring
He's a champ for putting up with 12,001 photos
The Things No One Ever Tells You About:
  • Medical insurance is ridiculous to navigate - why can't people just tell me the answers I am looking for or explain to me in terms that I would understand 
    • WHY does this need to be this complicated?!
  • Winter sucks when it drags on through the end of April. 
    • We have read every book on our winter reading list, we have watched every movie on our winter watch list, we have watched more stupid movies that we didn't care to watch, and we have read more stupid books that we didn't want to read - we want to be outside and we are going stir crazy
    • Winter eats at our souls after a while
The Miscellaneous Things:
  • I can't believe it is May and summer is around the corner
    • on the same token I can't believe we have been married for 11 months already and only 11 months already
    • I AM WAYYYY happy to not be planning a wedding again this summer
      • The wedding itself was fun - the planning of it was fine (Thank God for my mom and brother who deeply care about details of weddings and things) - I am glad it is over
  • I AM over crappy weather, bring on spring. 
    • I went for a few days down to IOWA a connecting state to Minnesota and it was 50 degrees warmer and they have green grass! Trust me I have been questioning why we live so stinking far north. I want spring/summer. Mother Nature needs to get the memo.

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