Friday, February 28, 2014

February Photo Dump

Ahhh February, you sort of were wonderful and sort of the bane of my existence. I CAN'T handle the ridiculously cold weather any more and I am losing my mind. SERIOUSLY. I am over the ridiculously cold negative temps. I have read the books I wanted to read, I have watched more movies than I care to admit, my dog is climbing the walls because we can't take her for a long walk or really any walk outside, and frankly I am sick of having to warm my car for twenty minutes before I go ANYWHERE because it is sooooo cold. Midst the cold and miserableness I did manage to snap these photos. Enjoy a glimpse into my February: {True Story I admit none of them are to die for photos, however, given the month I have had, I am calling it a success.}

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