Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Downtown Puerto Vallarta

One early evening we took the city bus downtown and walked to old Puerto Vallarta and here are a few images from our time down there. Riding the city bus in Puerto Vallarta is an experience in and of itself, first there is not a time frame for when buses will becoming or going, they all just run continuously and stop pretty much wherever, so we had a little trouble getting back on the bus to return to the hotel. The bus drivers all seriously felt like they were driving for NASCAR and were racing one another, really I never felt unsafe, however it really was quite the experience. If you are ever in Puerto Vallarta I recommend riding the buses at least a couple times, plus they are way cheap.
Downtown we did a little shopping, hello bringing home Mexican vanilla, and wandering around. We saw a ton of cool architecture and the Church of Our Lady Guadalupe was GORGEOUS, worth stopping in for sure. There was a wedding going to take place later that night (on a Tuesday) and it was interesting to see the cultural differences in wedding attire.  

There were tons of these birds diving in the water
I found them fascinating to watch

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  1. Beautiful!! Those bus rides sound...interesting! Haha!