Thursday, November 28, 2013


While some have opted to post their daily thanksgivings on Facebook I have been building a list all month here.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Nov 1: for a day of rest- to get caught up on laundry, house cleaning and to be able to get rolling on packing up our house

Nov 2: for a day with Marc - we packed up the entire upstairs of our house and got it moved to the storage unit along with the rest of our furniture ( we saved our mattress to sleep on but the rest is gone) & for a date night to one of our favorite places in town, Black Bear

Nov 3: for a wonderful remembrance of all the Saints, for a fun afternoon hiking around a local park with Marc and Dakota, for warm coffee cake, and a clean kitchen

Nov 4: for a call/job I love and for carpet shampooers

Nov 5: for my colleagues who I love and adore - for conversations which challenge and enlighten - for small children (2-5) who are eager to learn to swim

Nov 6: for children and youth who ask big questions - for families who take an active role in raising their kids in the faith - for a church that pays me to do full time ministry

Nov 7: for vacation - for Walt Disney World and the magic it holds

Nov 8: for friends to travel with

Nov 9: for runDisney - LOVE all of there events

Nov 10: for sleep - after last night's late night I am thankful for the chance to sleep in

Nov 11: for delicious food and people who are able to create delicious recipes, for wait staff and dishwashers, for clean plates and too much to eat

Nov 12: for fireworks and relaxation

Nov 13: for phones with the ability to talk to people all over the world, for text messages and photo messages, for twitter, for instagram, for blogs, for social media, for facebook

Nov 14: for laughter, for honesty, for fun, for adventures, for travel, for the sense of all things magical, for the ability to dream big

Nov 15: for my husband, my sweet puppy dog, and for my own bed

Nov 16: for Saturdays with nothing on the calendar

Nov 17: for the congregation I serve alongside - for the 134 years of ministry and mission they have been involved in

Nov 18: for plenty of food to eat

Nov 19: for youth who ask big questions

Nov 20: for outdoor ministries

Nov 21: for the freedom to worship and pray openly

Nov 22: for great books and movies, for movie theater popcorn, for diet coke

Nov 23: for a synod who truly invests in their youth, for a congregation who assembled many thanksgiving baskets (baskets full of food for Thanksgiving) to be shared with out neighbors

Nov 24: for shutterfly, for photography, for my Nikon D300, for the gift of memory

Nov 25: for the ability to run

Nov 26: for colleagues who I love to work alongside

Nov 27: for the opportunity to be home for Thanksgiving, for a dog who travels well, for a husband who loves to drive

Nov 28: I am ridiculously thankful for sooooo much, it was wonderful to wake up this morning in my parents (new to them) house, surrounded by my husband, Dakota, my brother, Nala (my brother's semi nutso dog), and my parents. And soon, my grandparents (who I adore), my Aunt and Uncle and a couple of my cousins, along with another uncle, will be at the house for a feast fit for royalty. I love holidays and the ways in which it pulls together family.

Okay, so looking back I probably should have broken this up into several posts - good on ya if you actually read this all. I am off to hang out with my family.

Thanksgiving blessings to you all!

What are you doing this Thanksgiving day?
What are your Thanksgiving traditions?
What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? pumpkin pie, homemade whip cream for me

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