Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Four Months as a Mrs.

I seriously cannot believe we have been married for four months!

It has been marvelous for sure. This past month we have been getting back into the swing of fall and figuring out what life will look like this fall. We got to make a trip back to South Dakota for my grandfather's 85th birthday party - soooo wonderful.

Our house is still for sale (I am hoping our house has sold and we are in a new house by Christmas). Selling a house sucks. End story.

Marc is really getting into the groove of work - he finally feels like he knows what he is doing and is really loving his new (as of mid June) job - more importantly he gets WAY more vacation time which means we get to take more trips and spend more time together (WONDERFUL).

Okay. So this post is semi-lame. However. I am attempting to get back into blogging. I will do it! I love it, so must get on it.

***Completely unrelated side notes from this past month***
-I got a new camera body (Nikon D300) which I am totally jazzed about and sold off my old camera body (Nikon D60) - which I am a little sad about because I loved that camera but I was sort of at the top of it.
-Now to overcome the learning curve of a new camera
-I have been crocheting like a fool lately and loving every second of it.
-I have been reading some lately - it is wonderful to have time to read for fun - I recommend Pastorix by Nadia Bolz-Weber
-Sooooo much on my mind. It will take me a few posts to get caught up.

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