Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Five: Songs that bring back memories

For the next few Tuesdays I am linking up with Lauren at Life. Love. Lauren and Tiffany at The Austin Family Diary for their Tuesday Topics. This week's topic is "Five: Songs that bring back memories." [I have linked all these songs to a youtube version of the song - I attempted to find the version of the song that takes me back to a particular moment, but that wasn't always possible]

One: Down By the Bay - Flashback to First Grade - I think my first grade teacher used to have us sing this song all that time - I believe we even did it for a program at some point - I remember getting to make pictures of all the animals and the watermelons and what not.
Two: Eye of the Tiger - Flashback to countless locker rooms and pre-game warm ups
Three: Hallelujah - by Rachel Kurtz - takes me back to this summer and the high school mission trip [phenomenal experience] - Also if you haven't discovered Rachel Kurtz as an artist I HIGHLY recommend her, she is AMAZING to say the least
Four: How Great Thou Art - This song takes me back to the hours following the Haiti Earthquake in January 2011.
Five: Fishing in the Dark by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Hello High school dances and my senior prom theme

Once I got going with songs that took me back to a particular moment in time or brought back a series of memories I had a hard time stopping and only listing five. This list could have gone on for a really long time. It boggles my mind how songs have the ability to do that!

What songs take you back to a particular time/place?

Life. Love.Lauren

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  1. Several country songs bring me back to my jr year in high school (the year I discovered country music!)! lol I love music and how it has the ability to lift us up! Great song choices!